Sociocracy 3.0 Resources

Sociocracy 3.0 (a.k.a. ‘S3’) is a framework of patterns for collaboration. It has been ‘discovered’ by James Priest and me in early 2015, and integrates “classic” Sociocracy with lean and agile ideas.

On this page I have compiled a few resources to get you started. Some of the resources that used to be available here, like the S3 Canvas Series, the S3 Illustration Repository and the S3 Primer, have found a new home on the official Sociocracy 3.0 Resources Page.

S3 Primer (german)

A guide to the basics of S3 and detailed facilitation guides for all essential formats. For the moment available in German language only.

Posters for S3 Dojos

A set of 8 posters developed for my S3 dojos to teach various aspects of S3. The posters work well when printed in A1, for larger groups A0 might be a better choice. For self-study, a A4 printout is still readable for most people.

S3 - Templates for Online Facilitation

A set of templates in google sheets to facilitate Proposal Forming, Consent Decision Making and Role Selection  n remote meetings. 

Sociocracy 3.0 with Trello

A guide on how to implement S3 for collocated and distributed teams with Trello.

S3 Presentations on Slideshare

Some of my presentations about S3 on Slideshare

Articles and Blogposts


More on the official S3 resources page

There’s a lot more free S3 resources in several languages on the official Sociocracy 3.0 resources page. My S3 Primer, the S3 Canvas Series and the S3 Illustrations Repository  have also found a new home there.