For my S3 dojos I have developed a set of posters available under a Creative Commons license. The posters work well when printed in A1, for larger groups A0 might be a better choice. When used for self-study, the most people can read the posters when printed in A4 . 

The posters come in two files, first there’s 7 posters I use in my S3 dojos to give people an overview over S3, the lens we view organizations through, and how people can use 70 patterns to respond to various challenges and opportunities in their organizations.

All the patterns in the pdf are clickable, so you can jump directly to the explanation of a pattern on the patterns website. Further down you will find a brief description of each of the seven posters. 

Download Posters

 In a separate download there’s a poster about the Cynefin framework, which is very helpful at the beginning of a dojo to introduce participations to the concept of complexity, and to explain why they are typically using the wrong toolkit in their organizations when addressing the problems they are facing. The


 Download Cynefin poster (PDF)


Sociocracy 3.0 – Effective Collaboration at any Scale

This poster introduces S3 and puts it into the context of various agile frameworks and methodologies.

Making Sense of Organizations

This poster explains the relationships between drivers, domains, strategy and experiments, and how organizations identify and respond to drivers.

Responding to Complex Challenges

All the patterns related to making and evolving decisions and agreements in complex situations.

Building Structures for Collaboration

Those patterns hat are helpful for defining domains and for evolving organizational structure in support of effective agile collaboration.

Operations – Organizing and Doing the Work

Patterns for self-organization, work process and effective meetings.

Enabling Engagement

While all patterns in S3 promote an agile and sociocratic mindset, the patterns in this poster are especially helpful in promoting a cultural shift in the organization.

Pattern Map

A (clickable) map of all patterns in S3.

Download Posters



This last poster is also available in German:

Download German Pattern Map poster (PDF)