S3 Dojo Posters, Part 2

S3 Dojo Posters, Part 2

Here’s the second part of the posters I use in my S3 dojos to give people an overview over S3, the lens we view organizations through, and how people can use 70 patterns to respond to various challenges and opportunities in their organizations.

You can download the full set combined into one pdf that can be printed A1 or even A0. All the patterns in the pdf are clickable, so you can jump directly to the explanation of a pattern on the patterns website. The posters relate to the latest, as of now unreleased version of the practical guide, so some of the links (to new and renamed patterns) will only work after the next release.

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Below you will find a brief description of each of the seven posters:

Sociocracy 3.0 – Effective Collaboration at any Scale

This poster introduces S3 and puts it into the context of various agile frameworks and methodologies.

Making Sense of Organizations

This poster explains the relationships between drivers, domains, strategy and experiments, and how organizations identify and respond to drivers.

Responding to Complex Challenges

All the patterns related to making and evolving decisions and agreements in complex situations.

Building Structures for Collaboration

Those patterns hat are helpful for defining domains and for evolving organizational structure in support of effective agile collaboration.

Operations – Organizing and Doing the Work

Patterns for self-organization, work process and effective meetings.

Enabling Engagement

While all patterns in S3 promote an agile and sociocratic mindset, the patterns in this poster are especially helpful in promoting a cultural shift in the organization.

Pattern Map

A (clickable) map of all patterns in S3.

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S3 Dojo Posters, Part 1

S3 Dojo Posters, Part 1

I have developed a set of posters for my S3 dojos, which I will make available under a Creative Commons license. The posters work well when printed in A1, for larger groups A0 might be a better choice.

The first poster I want to share is a poster about the Cynefin framework, which is very helpful at the beginning of a dojo to introduce participations to the concept of complexity, and to explain why they are typically using the wrong toolkit in their organizations when addressing the problems they are facing.

Download Cynefin poster (PDF)

Also there is a poster (in German) with all the patterns of the latest (so far unreleased) set of S3 patterns:

Download German Pattern Map poster (PDF)
Der S3 Primer – Grundlagen und Moderationshilfen für Sociocracy 3.0

Der S3 Primer – Grundlagen und Moderationshilfen für Sociocracy 3.0

Im Rahmen meiner S3 Trainings und Workshops habe ich einen “Sociocracy 3.0 Primer” entwickelt, der die Grundlagen zusammenfasst und detaillierte Moderationsanleitungen zu allen wesentlichen Formaten (z.B. Konsententscheidung, Einwände integrieren, Wahl, Proposal Forming und Driver Mapping) enthält. Der Primer bezieht sich auf die momentan aktuelle Version von S3 und wird ständig weiterentwickelt. Er steht unter <https://evolvingcollaboration.com/s3-primer> zum Download zur Verfügung (vorerst nur auf in deutscher Sprache).

Wie alle Materialien zu S3 steht auch der S3 Primer unter einer Creative Commons Free Culture License.

New Version of “Sociocracy 3.0 – All Patterns Explained”!

New Version of “Sociocracy 3.0 – All Patterns Explained”!

James Priest, Lili Davidis and I spent a lot of time on a complete overhaul of the “All Patterns Explained” slide deck:

  • patterns are grouped in a more meaningful way
  • some new patterns and more descriptive names for existing patterns
  • lots of updates, corrections, clarifications in the pattern descriptions

I also created some new illustrations for the slide deck, and updated a lot of existing ones. An update to the image repository will follow.

Download the slide deck as pdf, or as an archive with all slides as png.

Here’s an updated map of all the patterns and the categories: S3 - Patterns and Groups (2017-01-30)


Sociocracy 3.0 Patterns Handbook (Beta) (eBook)

Sociocracy 3.0 Patterns Handbook (Beta) (eBook)

S3 has evolved significantly since this page was published, and we could not catch up with the handbook, so for now I removed the download linkls. The latest version can be found in the slide deck “All Patterns explained” or on http://sociocracy30.org.

Earlier this year I had compiled a handout for the participants of my workshops with descriptions of S3’s essential patterns. Over time, I updated the handout with the contents of the “All Patterns Explained” slide deck, several of my drafts for the upcoming book The Sociocracy 3.0 Handbook” I am writing together with James Priest, and other documents. Now grew beyond the scope of a handout, since it contains more than 100 pages, a section for each of the 65 patterns, an introduction and a changelog so you can see what’s new.

Until the “official” Sociocracy 3.0 handbook is ready, I will maintain this document as a beta version of the handbook and I will keep on updating it with more content and illustrations document, and include the “official” pattern descriptions as James and I finish them.